About Tom Fuller

Thomas B. Fuller     A Biography

I am a born Artist. I am a born Cowboy. Being a Cowboy artist is what, and who I am.  The purpose of my work is to present a gateway for you (viewer) to step into that moment, and feel its soul. Not just an outward experience, but also an inward significance.

My life’s journey is to portray and preserve the Culture of the American West. I don’t keep track of hours, days, weeks, months and years.   I learned by trial and error how to portray the character of the cowboy, the unspoken language of the horse, tack and its relationship between rider and mount.

I am a native of Wichita, Kansas. The history of the Cowboy legacy is part of my family culture. Stories of Belle Starr, the Dalton Brothers etc. are handed down from generation to generation. My grandparents lived during that time, and in the same area as these now famous people.

Represented by: Adobe Gallery; Stockyards, Fort Worth, TX


2016            Oil Painters of America, National Juried Exhibition, St. Augustine, Fl.

2017            Oil Painters of America, National Juried Exhibition Southwest Gallery, Dallas, TX

2019            International Guild of Realism, Juried, International Exhibition, Principle Gallery, Alexandria, VA

2020            International Guild of Realism, Juried, on-line, Spring Salon Show

Awards;       Editor’s Choice Award, Western Art Collector Magazine, International Guild of Realism Juried, on-line Spring Salon Show 2020



2014            American Cowboy on-line magazine, September issue

2015            Art of the Horse on-line magazine, October issue

2019            American Art Collector Magazine, October issue

2020            Western Art Collector Magazine, February issue

2020            American Art Collector Magazine, April issue

2020            Western Art Collector Magazine, May issue “Art of the Horse”

Tom Fuller